What does your company stand to lose from ransomware, business interruption, cyber liability, and fines?

How confident are you that your business can quickly detect and respond to these threats before the worst happens?

All of today's successful cyber attacks demonstrate that many business leaders are not as prepared as they believe.

When an incident occurs, they must rapidly and comprehensively respond to it.

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Cyber attacks are growing in frequency, sophistication, and complexity.

Insurance policy language is not settled and still going through the court system. For the most part, auto, home, and business insurance policy language are standardized. This is not true for cyber insurance policies. This results in coverage denials and litigation.

Many business leaders and risk managers have been disappointed and worse when their claims are denied because they misinterpreted policy language. People have lost their jobs over this.

Choosing a big name insurance company is not always the safest bet. It may just mean that the insurer is better able to litigate and deny your coverage claim.

Litigation can hinder your company's performance for years.

Meeting the challenge

  • Make it a companywide priority and involve all departments.
  • Identify what you must protect, from what, why, and how important.
  • Understand how your cyber insurance policy relates to your risk management programs.
  • Focus on integrating your cyber insurance provider's resources and policy requirements with your incident response planning, disaster recovery planning, and business continuity planning.
  • Conduct a regular review of how your strategies are performing.
  • Annually review cyber insurance policy language and coverage to keep them up-to-date with new challenges.

Cyber Risk Management is critical to your company's success.

Cyber insurance is a critical component for managing risk and loss due to cyber attacks. Cyber insurance must be part of your information security strategy because it safely transfers risk that comes with a cyber attack. Cyber insurance must be integrated with your cyber security planning, policies, and procedures.

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